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Peter Ka was born in Cracow.
Here graduated Penderecki`s Academy of Music. Since this time he started to play another kinds of music - as keyboarder and pianist with many bands he played country, jazz, he started to compose own pieces. After few years he started to play and sing in clubs, hotels, cruise-ships. 1983-86 played in various bands in Poland. 1987-93 played in various bands in CZ, DDR, SK, UAE, session-musician, composer, texter, cover-arranger, 1994-98 played solo, with various bands and with Maria in  UAE-Abu Dhabi, Hotel & Night Clubs - Germany, 1998-2001 played  at Cruise-Ships: Ms.Astor  , Ms. Swiss Diamond , Ms.Switzerland , Ms.VikingStar,  Ms.Eurostar. 2002 played at Cruise Ships: Ms Paloma, Gts. Summit, Mv.Golden Princess, 2003 played at Cruise Ships: Mv. Sun Princess, Mv. Dawn Princess, 2004-5 played at Cruise Ships: Mv. Star Princess, Sun Princess, Coral Princess, 2006 Island Princess

He plays and sing /in Eng,Ger, Ita, Sp, Port, Fra, Rus, Pol,/ the most popular songs from pop, disco, country, evergreens, jazz, using piano, or electronical equipment.

  He cooperate with german artists, composers and texters /he is member of german composers ass. GEMA/. He arranged music with cover-versions of Movie-greatest, J.M.Jarre-greatest, Christmas-greatest, and rearranged classic music /Bach, Beethoven,.../ to pop-disco versions. Those materials are published on CD-s and MC-s.

After worldcruise 1998-9 he composed, arranged and published on CD own material called "Magnetics" with relax-instrumental music.

   He realise few no-typical music orders. He made new arrangemants to programing paper-bands and steel-plates for 19`th century music-clocks, and music-piano-automats from Ruedesheim MusikAutomatenManufacture.

   He is open to cooperate in making music.

  If you want him to realise your music-ideas, or simple let him play live, please contact at tel:  ++48 577 392 815, or e-mail


Peter Ka

tel: +48 577 392 815
e-mail: e-mail: