"Toni" <ge***> 

 your music is amazing. makes me drift off somewhere



I bought your three tapes on the Hawaiian cruise last year in January. Do you know how many hours of pleasure your beautiful tapes have given me? God has blessed you with a wonderful talent. I just wanted you to know.

Do you have an order sheet to buy more? I need to forward it to my cousin in Colorado.

georgie_****  You can send me one too if you have more tapes to sell. I have # 1,2,and 3. I love them and fear I am wearing them out.

Thank you, Elizabeth Marrone


"Connie" <connie**> 

 amazing talent in an adorable have an original sound and that's hard to come by these

days. keep on doin what you're so damn good at!!


From: Fred Kuerner

> Dear Peter,

While oin the Hawaii cruise we enjoyed your music each night during the entire crruise.

I wanted to purchase the 4 cd set from you  Please let me know how to go about this.

Thank you,

Fred Kuerner

e-mail: fkm****



    Do you remember the Czech man - Clem Gregurek - from the Feb. 10th - 25th Island Princess cruise? We used to stand by the piano while you played. We enjoyed it so much we purchased CD no. #3. We sat in the lounge every evening after dinner and enjoyed your music. It was so relaxing and wonderful. So now, at home, every evening at dinner we play your great CD. But we thought how nice it would be to have more variety; that's why we ordered the other 2.

    Thanks so much for your response. We can hardly wait to get those.

     P.S. Our next cruise is next February, on the Emerald Princess, to the Caribbean. Sure would be nice to see you again!


    Clem & Sharon Gregurek



We heard you play on the cruise to Hawaii and enjoyed your music.  I bought only one of your CD's on the ship and after getting home and listening to the CD I was sorry I didn't buy all three.  Thank you for your email, we will look forward to receiving the package.   Jim


Dear Peter,

We just wanted to write and tell you how very much we have been enjoying

your CD's.  We play them all of the time and each time it reveals

wonderful memories about our cruise to Hawaii in January.  we also wanted

you to know how much we appreciated your sending me the new ones and for

signing each one.  That was really a fine thing for you to do.  I will

look up your web site soon and see what else you have to offer.  We will

be taking another cruise, this time to Alaska but won't be on the Island

Princess, it will be on the Coral Princess and we are going in September

10th, but if Princess offers another one to Hawaii next year, we will

probably go and perhaps one of these trips our paths will cross again and

we can enjoy your live beautiful music. 


Thank you again.

Sincerely, Jeanette and William Bell


Dear Peter;

My wife and I sailed with you on the Island Princess last October from Los Angeles to Hawii and return. We very much enjoyed your musc during that cruise.As I write this E-mail to you we are listening to your CD's.You may recall how taken I was with your playing of Ganz En Wiess. It is one of the most beatiful pieces I have ever heard. Please let me know if you ever put it on a CD. I would buy it immediately.

In the mean time I wish you yhe best of health and good fortune.

Sincerely,Alden E. Stilson, Jr.



We enjoyed your music on our round trip cruise from California to Hawaii and

back.  We purchased your CDs - infact we purchased two copies of your CD #1,

two copies of your CD #2, one copy of your CD #3 and received the bonus

Magnetics CD for free.


Bruce Widdison


Thank you.



On the Princess Cruises, on March 24, 2007 I purchased your 3 CD at the Calypso Cove Novelties   I love your music,  You are a great player,

Thank you.  June Frauenheim 


Hi Peter,

 Just wanted to thank you for sending the CDs.  We will enjoy these as much as the one we have, I am sure.

 Thanks again.  You have wonderful music!

 Dolores J



From: Terry Fielding

Hello Peter,      

Just to let you know the CD’s arrived safe and sound.

Thank you very much, we have already played them several times

Including our family Easter dinner.

            Thanks again and good luck, Eve and Terry


Hi Handsome!

         You are handsome, talented, accomplished and brilliant and yet you are also kind and sweet.  You really are special; are you from another planet?

         I know (forgive me please) from watching you and listening to you that you are a perfectionist and that you show constant enthusiasm. You surely have great discipline, .  I've also wondered if we as your audiences and adorers are just taking from you, drining you of your beautiful spirit and musical gifts without giving enough appreciation back to you.  You must be ever so weary!

        Two more cruises to Hawaii and back; I know you'll do great!

        I  wish you the very best!  I also can watch you on the video on the net!



Hello Peter !

    What a wonderful CD3 we purchased on the Island Princess from you on the Hawaiian cruise Jan. 2007. The first time we played it when we got home my wife and I both had tears in our eyes as it is so beautiful to listen to.

    We've had so much enjoyment out of it. We can still envision you playing on the ship as we used to sit outside the bar area and listen to you playing.

    You were one of the highlights on this cruise for us and many other passengers I'm sure.


All the best,   Peter

 Bill & Hilda Mickle


Dear Peter,

I received the CD's last week and I have been playing them ever since and they are all perfect .  I want to THANK YOU so very much for making my husband and I very happy to have these  CD's.  We just can't stop playing them.  My husband Bill told me this morning that your music was the most easy music to listen to and it was such a joy to hear it each day.  I agree and it is so nice to have it playing now especially since we are having beautiful weather and the days are warm and I can leave some of our windows open and let the music flow outside.  We have always enjoyed and appreciated GOOD music and yours is the best. 

Thank you dear one for doing this for us.  We will always be very appreciative.  Perhaps we will meet you on another one of our voyages. You never know. 

Very Sincerely,

Jeanette and Bill Bell


I want to add no.1 &3 to my collection. The #2 i bought while on the Isand Princess

 Send me the details.

Hank Gumz" <H*******


Dear Peter,

Both my wife and I so enjoyed listening to your music on our recent Cruise to Hawaii (February 10th. To 25th.). So much so that we decided to purchase All three of your CD,s which allowed us to receive your bonus CD Magnetics.

We enjoyed your music and selection so much

Yours truly,

Eve and Terry Fielding



Dear Peter,

My husband and I love your music One song that is on the #3 "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" is the song we chose for our personal song before we were married in December l949.  It has always been our favorite and now we can't even hear it played by you.

 I would like to order more CD's from you in the future,  Your music is so beautiful and comforting.  Being an older couple we love the soothing music that you play.  We enjoyed each evening we heard you play on the ship.  It was wonderful!

Thank you sincerely,

Jeanette Bell


Carol Christman <***> wrote:

   A friend of mine bought your CDs on a cruise and we enjoy them so much I was wondering if you could tell me how we might order them through the internet.


Carol Christman

Atlanta, GA, USA


Barbara Martin <bjmwick@***> wrote:

Dear Peter, 

We have been listening to your music many, many times.  Enjoy your talent so much.

I read some about you on your web page.  You are amazing to me.  Such a wonderful gift, and I am sure you have studied very diligently.

I hope you are well. 

Best wishes,

Barbara and Harold


LHintz@**** wrote:

Hi there

Just thought that I would send you a little note to say hi

I don't know if you remember me but I am one of your pals  who enjoyed your piano playing music…….you signed a cd for me and just to let you know that I still enjoy listening to your cd.

Louise Hintz


Hi Peter:

Just to let you know that I recieved ordered C D and  it is fine.

I wish to thank you for your effort in sending me the C D I enjoy hearing your music I plan to order more of your C Ds .

Best Regards



Dear Peter,

Thank you so much for sending ... CD to me so quickly.  I played it and it is perfect.  I wish I had your talent and could play like you

do.  What enjoyable music you play, no wonder everyone loves it. 

I do hope we can hear you again in person sometime, perhaps on another cruise somewhere.  Who knows!

Very Sincerely,

Jeanette Bell


Dear Peter,

I was the Island Princess from January 11-26, 2007 and fortunate enough to hear you play your beautiful music and bought three of your CD's and was given your bonus CD.  I am now home in Boulder, Colorado and have played all of them , we have a BOSE CD player that really enhances your beautiful music.   Every time I play these CD's we think about you and our wonderful cruise to Hawaii.  It helps us to relive that beautiful trip.  You are a wonderful musician and I wish we would hear you play every evening. 

Thank you in advance.


Jeanette F. Bell


Hello Peter,

First of all I would like to tell you how much we enjoyed your music while on our recent cruise.  You are abosolutley fabulous.  My son purchased #1 and # 2 cds and I had asked you if we went ahead and purchased #3 if we could still get the bonus.  You said we could do that but unfortunately I was not able to speak with you before we disembarked.  I was wondering if I could still take advantage of that offer.  My family has enjoyed both of the cds that we purchased but I would like the entire set.  Please let me know if I can still do that and if so, how I make payment arrangements.  Thank you so much.

Debra Payton


Peter, we did purchase your 1,2,&3 piano albums when we were on the cruise last year.  We’d love your piano music, if you have any new ones.

Sincerely,  Jean


Hi again Piotr,

 I received your CDs within three or four days!  (Unbelievable for we who live in the mountains.)  They arrived Thursday evening the 11th.  Thank you for sending them so very promptly; I know that you are a busy man with a full life.

 I do sincerely appreciate you thoughtfulness.

Once again, thank you.

Gold Bless you now, Piotr, and always,



 Hi Peter,

 Your Piano With Orchestra CDs are wonderfully beautiful.  I had to order another set because I believe I am going to ware out the set I bought on our December 5 Island Princess Cruise to Hawaii. 

 You are a truly beautiful man with beautiful music and lovely sad eyes.  What you must have been through to be so accomplished.  I will forever cherish the memory of just being able to have met and listen to you in real life; my life has been forever enriched.  I would love to see you again.  May I be so bold as to ask your cruise schedule for the rest of your life?

 God bless you and Happy Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

 With very much admiration,



"Tara" <ig***> 

    Wow. I think you are really talented.


"Jane" <foo***>

    Your music is great! It's unique. You are very talented.


Hello Peter –

We met you on the Hawaiian Cruise recently.  I am the blonde lady that liked your music so much the first time I heard it.  We sat on the steps by your piano in the evening to hear you play.

I wanted to let you know we have enjoyed your CDs so much.  We play them all the time.   You had also asked for my comments on your Magnetics CD.  I like it very much.  I have played it over and over.  I will keep checking your website for new music.

Best Wishes,

Carolyn Nickell


Hello Peter,

 We do not expect you to remember the many people you have met.

We enjoyed your music very much on our trip to Hawaii on the Island Princess this past September.

We purchased  cd number 2 from you and love it.

 ...just wanted you to know that your music was a big part of our trip.


Melle and MaryJo


Dear Peter, I bought 3 of your CDs o n the Princess cruise Oct. 21, One from you and the other 2 in the shop. I love your music and play them all the time.   I will always enjoy listening to your beautiful music. Many thanks and Merry Christmas 

Blanche Woodhouse



Hi Peter,

Thank you for your note, I received the CD's yesterday.

 I purchased same CD's on Island Princess February 2006 on our Hawaiian cruise.  

We have enjoyed as have our friends and family.  

The CD's I received this week are a gift for our 88 year old uncle in British Columbia  who just loved listening to them.  

Glad to hear you are still playing on Princess.  

Maybe we will see you again.


Anne Marie Gellatly




Peter, I was on the Island Princess from September 21st  thru October 6th and can't tell you how  I  enjoyed your music.

I purchased all three CD's and you gave me Magnetics. You asked me to email you and tell you how I felt about Magnetics. It is a wonderful CD. We had to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco when we got off the ship  and can't tell you how we loved ALL of them. It was many hours of enjoyment . Magnetics  for the most part is  very soothing music and a couple fast ones that are enjoyable . It was like still being on the ship,  never leaving ! You are a very talented man and will follow your music.

Lou Devencenzi (Louise)



"Yoichiro" <x10*****>  

    i gotta say your stuff is pretty good


"jessica sandoval" <jess*****>

   i really like your music, just thought i would let you know.....


"John Jamis" <big****> 

    Hi, I think your music is different and interesting. I like uncommon things that make you think and feel.